This page contains links to resources mentioned in the The Healthy Mind Toolkit where I referred the reader to this page rather than including the resource directly. Since web links change, if any reader comes across a web link that has moved (either from the book or a broken link on this page), please let me know (admin@aliceboyes.com) and I’ll update this page.

Chapter 2 – Diagnosing Your Self-Sabotaging Patterns

Self-assessment tool – download pdf here.

Chapter 4 – Pleasure and Self Care

You’ll find free Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) workbooks at this link. These have been developed by the Australian Centre for Clinical Interventions.

Chapter 5 – Hidden Drains on Your Time and Energy

– Try the free StayFocusd extension for the Chrome web browser. I mentioned StayFocusd in the book, but I actually mostly use RescueTime currently. The free version of RescueTime (which is what I use) provides a weekly email breakdown of how much time you spent on different websites during the week. I get the email each Sunday and just take a quick glance at it to see how I’m doing.

– This isn’t mentioned in the book but I find my Google Home extremely useful for reducing hidden drains on my time and energy. I’ve put together a doc with 25+ ways I use it. You can see them all here.

– How to set up Location-Based Reminders on iphones. You can use these for things like a reminder to bring your reusable bags when you arrive at the supermarket parking lot. On Android, you can use the Google Assistant either on your phone or from your Google Home. You can say things like “When I get home, remind me to….” You can also use specific addresses, your saved home and work locations, or names of stores, for instance, “When I get to Target, remind me to…” and it will remind you at any Target store.

Chapter 9 – Sabotaging Patterns in Romantic Relationships

Micro-actions for increasing positive bond. Template to cut up. View it here. Or, Download it here.

Chapter 12 – Self-Sabotage at Work

Free resources for learning negotiating basics – Slate’s 10 episode Negotiation Academy podcast.